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I will travel to your home to demonstrate how you can communicate with your dog’s natural instincts. PURE Dog Listening (PDL) is natural for your dog and results in a kinder, calmer, and more positive way to communicate with your canine family member. We are not able to offer specific advice without being able to meet with you and your dog in your dog's normal home environment.

By following all five areas within PDL, you will be able to gain the Willing Cooperation of your Dog. This is a way-of-life interaction between you and your dog. It is not about commands or forcing our will on our dogs; but how to interact with them without the use of force, cruel gadgets, or drugs.  PDL allows us to teach our dogs what we do and don’t want so they can think for themselves. We don’t deal with just the individual symptoms of misbehavior; we work with the overall well-being of our dogs. This is not an overnight fix but with the consistent commitment on your part, you will see results within 3-5 weeks.

I have Foundation and Advanced Certification in Canine Communication.  I am America’s first Accredited PURE Dog Listener with PURE Dog Listeners Ltd. of the United Kingdom.  My PDL link is: http://www.puredoglisteners.com/USA/

The consultation package includes two in-home visits, the PDL book, and backup support.  The first visit can take 2-4 hours as I will stay until you until you understand what you need to know.  The second visit will be 4-6 weeks later to review as you will be given a lot of information on the first visit.  Backup support is you contacting me as needed via phone and/or email for six months.   The total cost of this 1-2-1 package is $300.

Want to know more about PDL before booking a consultation package?  The PURE Dog Listeners founder, Caroline Spencer, has written a book, "Why Does My Dog Do That?"  She has also written another book, "Parenting Your New Puppy" with PDL member, Lesley Harris.  You can order these books from Amazon or The Book Depository. You can also order it from me for $15.00 (includes shipping & handling). After ordering from me and reading it, if you’d like to book a consultation package, the $15.00 will be deducted from the cost of your consultation package.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me.

In addition to families, I can work with humane societies, rescue groups, animal care, and shelter facilities to improve behavior problems for all canines.  I am also available to work with businesses where encountering canines may be part of their daily job, such as delivery personnel. These groups are requested to call or use the Contact Me page to inquire regarding your behavior and training needs.

If you are located outside of the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area, please go to Contact Me page to inquire about out-of-town consultations.

I am also available for talks for dinners, meetings, fundraisers, etc.  Please use the Contact Me page to inquire about my availability.

Contact us today, we look forward to helping you!

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