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I’m Dani RouseHolland, the Accredited PURE Dog Listener of K9 Instincts LLC.  I have had dogs and loved dogs my whole life. I came across a book about the method of dog listening while fostering dogs for shelters and rescue groups.  While reading, I learned a lot about dog behavior and started applying these methods to my companion and foster dogs.

I credit the dog listening method with enabling me to rescue an abandoned pack of dogs after they had been alone for about 5 months. This canine pack of a mom and three pups survived on their own and were leery of human contact. By using the dog listening method, another rescuer and I were able to gain the dogs’ trust and rescue them within 2 weekends! All of these dogs were adopted into their forever homes. After this successful rescue, I investigated the dog listening method in depth and attended courses in the United Kingdom to receive my Foundation and Advanced Certifications in Canine Communication.

In 2010, I was welcomed to the Pure Dog Listeners family as the first Accredited Pure Dog Listener in the USA!

I spent 5+ years as a volunteer dog trainer for Missouri Puppies for Parole (P4P).  P4P is a Missouri Department of Corrections program where Missouri’s correctional centers partner with local rescue groups and shelters to help dogs find their "furever” homes.  I trained the offenders to use PURE Dog Listening (PDL) at a Missouri prison which had one of the largest P4P programs in the state at that time.

I was the Missouri Department of Corrections SOAR Volunteer of the Year in 2013, awarded for my work at Western Missouri Correctional Center in Cameron, MO. SOAR stands for "Service Over and Above Requirements.” In addition, I created the Pure Dog Listener Well-Mannered Dog Evaluation criteria for Puppies for Parole to help the offenders work towards certifying each dog they work with under the Pure Dog Listening program and guidelines.

After volunteering with P4P, I am now available for 1-2-1 consultations in people's homes.  I work primarily in the Greater Kansas City, MO/KS area but will travel for out-of-town consultations throughout North America. 

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