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Does Your Dog…
  • Jump on You?
  • Refuse to Come When Called?
  • Bark ALL the Time?
  • Fear Thunderstorms or Loud Noises?
  • "Drag” You instead of Walking with You?
  • Exhibit Nervous or Aggressive Behavior?
  • Suffer from Separation Anxiety?

We Can HELP!

K9 Instincts will come to your home to assist you with your canine family members resulting in a happier and calmer family life. We will help you "listen” to your dog’s behaviors (and misbehaviors) so you can effectively communicate with your dog to gain its willing cooperation without using force, cruel gadgets, or drugs.

If you have issues with your dog or have just adopted a dog, we want to help you. We use PURE Dog Listenering (PDL), a way-of-life interaction method for dogs.  PDL works for all types of challenges, regardless of a dog’s breed or age, and enables dog people to improve their relationship with their dogs.

Whether you want to correct undesirable behavior or simply take your friendship to the next level, PDL is perfect for all who love and respect their dogs and want the best for them without using force, cruel gadgets, or drugs.

You will be working towards a relationship where your dogs will want to cooperate with you of their own free will, and not because they are forced to do so.

Contact us today, we look forward to helping you!

Phone: (816) 322-4133
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Love, Language, & Leadership for Your Dogs!

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